Do the Extraordinary – Chris Clark 2017

Congratulations to our 2nd year student Chris Clark on his runway event! Please read below to hear about his process and show. We are so proud of our students and all the work they do.

I’m Chris Clark, currently a second year student in the apparel design program at Seattle Central. I’ve been interning at Do the Extraordinary over the summer and was lucky enough to design a piece to be featured in a runway show at the 2017 Seattle style night. This event was held to honor designers in the greater Seattle area, which included a variety of categories other than fashion such as hairstyle, makeup, and model of the year. Do the Extraordinary represented the lifestyle apparel designer of the year category.

When I designed this piece I had two things in mind, making a piece that stayed true to the brand but also keeping the piece true to me as a designer. Luckily for me, Do the Extraordinary is heavily focused on the an all black aesthetic where nylon straps and silver d-rings are of the norm. This gave me free reign to design how I normally do. I have always been attracted to straps, so when I was in the design process the strap was the major focus. I thought of how when you Carry a messenger bag or any over the shoulder bag you have the strap running across your chest and around your back. So I incorporated that idea into a really long adjustable back strap that connected diagonally across the back. Playing with the strap of a messenger bag being visible from both the front and back, you can also wear the back strap connected to an additional d-ring located just slightly off the shoulder running down to the chest.

This was an amazing experience and I’m very grateful and humbled that Do the Extraordinary gave me the opportunity to bring my ideas to life and have it featured on a runway.