I am a technically trained, creative designer and multi-media artist with a background in visual arts, costuming and performance. Current events and ideas of the future drive my concepts and designs. I strongly believe in inclusive sizing, upcycling, taking care of people, and of our planet, and am actively seeking artistic collaborators. I always want to be pushing myself and my creativity. My end goal is to own and operate my own business or co-op, and continue pursuing my love for non-profit work.


My first collection is driven by three concepts of a second home: the workplace; Mars colonization; and upcycled fabrics.  These concepts can be seen in the silhouettes, original prints, and reused fabrics in the line. I orchestrated a concept-driven photoshoot where I re-imagined a future we are headed towards. My models act as the heroes and leaders of this future, building a new world.